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All the plans are made by Mohamed Ahmed. No assistants are involved in the actual making of the plans. Once the purchase is made you will receive the plans within 14 days after completing the questionnaire. After receiving the programs feel free to reply to Mohamed Ahmed with any questions you might have regarding the customized program tailored for your schedule, body type, and goals!


Fill the form and upload Your pictures

Wait the duration needed to have Mohamed Ahmed customize your entire program

Follow the diet.

Follow the workout plan.

Send him any concerns or questions you might have regarding the plan.

Receive your program.

Look better within 12 weeks!

Bonus Service

After 6 weeks of following the program, you will get a FREE evaluation of your progress! And if changes to the program need to be made due to unsatisfactory progress, the adjustments will be made For Free!


Detailed Diet Plan + Basic Supplement Plan

$200 USD


Detailed Workout Program. Get to the Next Level

$150 USD

This plan includes a fully customized detailed diet plan, with a supplement plan embedded within. The meals are based not only on your stats, goals, body-type, and current physique, but the meals are planned according to your day and schedule, and timed to your convenience. Additionally, in the plan, there are options available.

  • Fully detailed diet plan tailored to your body type, goals, and daily schedule
  • The plan is designed to your realistic capabilities. (Schedule, food likes and dislikes, allergies, digestion or any health related issues)
  • List of supplements to use in conjunction with the diet to accelerate results
  • Details on how and when to use the supplements
  • Plan is to be followed for 12 weeks

Whether it’s to lose weight, or to improve strength, stamina, endurance, or even improve a lagging muscle part for an upcoming competition, the workout program is also fully customized to these goals, and detailed down to the name of the exercises for each muscle group.

  • Designed to fit your goals
  • All exercises, sets, and reps are mentioned in the program
  • Cardio Plan Included
  • The workout program is also timed according to your schedule
  • Along with the meal plan if you have purchased it as well
  • Plan is to be followed for 6 weeks


Detailed Diet Plan + Basic Supplement Plan

$150 USD


$600 USD / 1 MONTH

$1,500 USD / 3 MONTHS

$3,000 USD / 4 MONTHS

Be it for competition or not, my full coaching plan enables you to be in contact with me whenever, wherever. It includes all of the plans above, messaging me via ‘whatsapp’, and monitoring your progress weekly and making necessary adjustments to the programs as I see fit.

For the more advanced lifters and competitors, or even lifters with more experience, the title explains it – a supplement plan designed by myself and tailored to your goals, your previous history with the supplements, and your future plans, long term, and short term. This plan also includes a recovery program to help reach homeostasis.

  • For advanced lifters and athletes
  • Customized to your body type and goals
  • Details on how and when to use the products involved

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